dinsdag 29 september 2015

It is a very nice day today, enjoy it!

This can be probably the finest liveconcert ever! I actually hope I was there in 2001.

How U2 sings togheter with all the audience, is incredible!

Bono's dad had past away a few days before and Irland had beaten England in Soccer, it has a story this concert.

The feelings and feel deliverd by U2 is very raw!

Get pleasure from it!

U2 in Wikipedia

zaterdag 26 september 2015

Are you missing Michael Jackson? I do!

This song is a message to the world leaders to wake up and listen to the people of the world leaders of the world

Seriously a 6 years ago I would have not expect myself crying while watching a Michael Jackson's music video or listening to his song.
But now even if I saw The Earth Song original music video hundred times before, a few days ago I saw This Is It for my first time and for my first time
I cried like a little baby when Michael was singing The Earth Song and since this time I feel like I'm gonna cry again while watching the music video or this video.
How could I even hate Michael Jackson? Oh my gosh, I am so angry because of what we've done to our planet and because Michael Jackson is dead.
He doesn't deserve it. He really is a king of pop.

Thank you Michael Jackson!



take a look at Thank you Michael Jackson!