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Dec 18, 2008

The Maharishi Effect: New Defence Technology to prevent terrorism

The Maharishi Effect: New Defence Technology to prevent terrorism

A Realistic Collective Strategy for both Pakistan and India to Prevent Terrorism

"India has to have positive counter-terrorism methods so that we can end terrorism once for all. If evil minds combine, good minds have to cooperate and combat them." -- Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

Violent extremism is a human problem requiring human solutions. The underlying cause of extremist social violence is accumulated social stress. Therefore, to protect their nations effectively, the armed forces of both India and Pakistan need first to reduce the collective societal stress in their nations.

A new technology of defence now exists that can accomplish this goal. It is based upon the latest discoveries in the fields of physics, neuroscience, and physiology. Ultimately, it is based on the discovery of the unified field of all the laws of nature -- the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s dynamics. Extensive research has confirmed its effectiveness. This new technology is easily applied, highly cost-effective, and can prevent disruption and attack from within the country or outside the country.

--- By Maj Gen Kulwant Singh, Dr John Hagelin and Dr David Leffler


Alethiadoc said...

This proposal to combat terrorism peacefully sounds both innovative and unique. I think we humans have to very quickly start thinking outside the box if we are going to solve the terrible problems we have created on our planet. We obviously have to change the way we treat each other and the earth. Why not try this Invincible Defense Technology? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it.

Cat said...

Thanks for posting such a great article. These are simple concepts but they really do work. It makes sense too, War begets war, and peace begets peace. Time for the governments of the world to discard old, ineffective fear-based systems of defense, and start bringing peace to their countries and their neighbors

bloggabix said...

Yes this sound like a more intelligent and humane approach.